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Steam Room

Pool Masters steam rooms have been used as a form of relaxation, and for their health benefits, since Roman times where we offer the best ready-made steam rooms in Qatar. For ages, people have understood the benefits of steam bathing. The excellent comfort health-giving properties are now even more treasured with today’s modern hectic lifestyle.

A steam room is a unique and comfortable experience that can be attained much more practical than ever before, as residential steam generators become not only more compact but more affordable. So, relax, sit back and enjoy the cleaning powerful effect a steam room suit can have. Pool Masters provides clienteles with a choice of having a manufactured range of steam rooms or custom built. Our range of steam rooms is equipped completely with steam generators, essence injectors, lights, and equipment.

Harvia office distributor emerged as the worldwide market leader. Our main steam room official distributor Harvia provides customized steam rooms in which you can relax and enjoy a steam bath.

best ready-made steam rooms in Qatar